Upper Deck - DC VS: Batman vs The Joker 2 Player Starter Set

The DC Comics Vs. System Trading Card Game puts you directly into the action, as the world's most powerful Super Heroes and Super Villians wage an epic struggle for supremacy. Join Batman and the other Gotham Knights in a battle to the finish as you attempt to thwart the evil plans of The Joker and his maniacal allies.
This Batman vs. The Joker 2-Player Starter Set contains everything two players need to get started.
80 Game Cards - Be prepared for serious mayhem as Batman, Robin and Batgirl trade blows with the likes of The Joker, the Penguin and Mr, Freeze. IN addition to character cards, you will find equipment, locations, and plot twists to aid you in your battle against your foes. Each and every Vs. System game card features all-new, original artwork by some of the biggest names in comics today.
Rulebook - A full-color rulebook will give you the knowledge you need to outwit your opponent. Look here to answer any game play questions you might have.
Game Mat - A quick start guide will get you up and playing quickly, and a play diagram depicts a game in progress.

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