Chaotic Silent Sands Booster Box First Edition

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24 packs per box, 9 cards per pack

Following the highly successful launch of Zenith of the Hive Chaotic lines up the next set based around the invisible stalkers of the dunes the Mepidians! The strongest tribe in the game gets stronger! Don't miss out, order now!

The third expansion of the Chaotic Trading Card Game, Silent Sands opens up countless new deck building possibilities with 100 new cards featuring new Creatures, Battlegear, Attacks, Locations, Mugic, and intriguing, all-new game mechanics.

The Silent Sands Booster set will include 35 new Creatures, 30 new Attacks, 15 new Mugic cards, 10 new Locations, and 10 new Battlegear cards!!

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